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Use this only if you are unable to apply the regular v1.2 update.

Click the blue arrow to access the Wii System Settings 2 menu.Pour votre tlphone, Jailbreak i Phone et Jailbreak i Pad.- Hack PS3 - Hacker sa Wii U - Hacker PS Vita - Rage Comics, troll face - Retrouvez chaque jour des image drole sur internet grce LOLTube.Some websites continue to sell a 3rd party clone of the Wiikey Fusion which has been tested and confirmed fully compatible as a drive replacement device for use with the Gamecube.As of around early November 2013 the clone Wiikey Fusions are out of production, however the Wasp Fusion can still be purchased which is a identical clone, albeit under a different name.

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If you are running Wii firmware version 3.4, Nintendo can automatically update your system without your approval using the Wii Connect24 service.

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